Epic Games Fortnite iOS Revenue Hits $300 Million in 200 Days


After creating numerous revenue record on Consoles and PC, Fortnite iOS version has hit a major revenue milestone in just 200 days. Fortnite iOS revenue has reached up to $300 Million in 200 days and still increasing. It is not comparable to the game’s combined revenue of $316 million in May, but for the iOS version, it is an ultimate milestone.

Epic Games Fortnite iOS Revenue Milestone Statistics

Fortnite iOS Revenue
Fortnite iOS Revenue

It has hit this milestone in 200 days since its launch and it is all because of Fortnite’s popularity but still a huge one. It accounts the second most amount of money an iOS app has made in its first 200 days. Fortnite iOS is only behind the Pokemon Go’s record of $300 revenue in 113 days.

If we talk about Fortnite’s competition, PUBG mobile has only made $47 million in 200 days on the iOS store.

PUBG Mobile has only made $47 million in the over 200 days it has been on the iOS Store, but it didn’t add microtransactions until a month after its launch on the App Store.

According to the SensorTower, roughly 65% of this $300 million was generated from the player base of United States and $20 million was made on Fortnite Season 6 release day alone. It accounts for the average $2.5 million per day since Fortnite Season 6 which is marvellous.