Epic Games Fortnite Leak, Update- Fortnite Floating Island Will Create Volcanic Pits

Fortnite Season 6

One week haven’t passed since the launch of season 6 in Epic Games Fortnite, and newly added change to the map i.e. Fortnite Floating island begins to move. It is moving in the reverse path followed by the Fortnite cube. .According to the new Fortnite leaks, the Fortnite floating island will create small volcanic pits throughout its journey to every ruin.

Epic Games Fortnite Floating Island

Before the Fortnite season 6 release, leak regarding volcanic pits on loot lake was proposed by data miners and players. In season 6 we saw floating island instead of a volcano. But now we will see Volcano very soon but on small scale and in different locations.

Fortnite Floating IslandTo be precise island’s movement was first noticed on 30th September but before the leak, its motive was unclear to us.

It is still unknown what will happen when players will interact with this small volcanic pits but like the hole in loot lake it will highly impact the players.