Epic Games Fortnite Season 6 Update 6.0 Leaks- Fortnite Cube May Continue To Grow Throughout Season 6

Fortnite Season 6

According to the latest Fortnite Season 6 update 6.0 leaks from the data miners, the cube may be just started yet. Fortnite Cube has already created so much rumble over the map in the past few weeks before submerged into look lake in Epic Games Fortnite Season 5. In season 6, it emerged as part of the floating island.

Fortnite Season 6 Update 6.0 Leaks

Fortnite Season 6

As its presence can be clearly felt in the game, Epic Games may have another trick up their sleeves regarding it.

According to the Fortnite Season 6 Update 6.0 leak files, the Cube may continue to grow through Season 6. It is clearly shown in the CubeGrowthfolder inside assets folder

Many Fortnite players have reported seeing the floating island over Salty Springs. It is unclear whether it was a glitch or a revelation of the next Fortnite Cube event.

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