Epic Games Fortnite Update v6.01 includes Playground Mode Customization

Fortnite v6.01 update

Fortnite Battle Royale Game has received today update v6.01 which has brought new items like Chiller and also introduced two new game modes including Seize 50v50 and Disco Domination. In addition to it, the Epic Games have also made significant changes to the Playground mode of the game

Playground mode is the game mode where you can practice with your friends on the Fortnite map and if you will get killed by your friend, you will be respawned again. In the mode, both the professional and rookie players can enhance their skills and learn new techniques.

Epic Games Fortnite Update v6.01 Playground mode

Epic Games Fortnite Update v6.01 Playground Mode Customization

Previously, Playground mode was introduced as LTM mode, but now it has been added as full-time sandbox mode, where you can both enjoy and learn new techniques without fear of elimination as you will be respawned

The update of the playground mode allows you to customize items settings, stats and map features, including Fall Damage Control, Time of the Day, Health Bar and many more

This update has been included in the Fortnite Update v6.01 and the recent update has also brought Dark Bomber Axe and Glider, also introduced Halloween themed Back Blings

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