Eros Now Original Smoke Review – A Thriller Stretched Far Too Long

Eros Now New Series in 2019
Eros Now New Series in 2019

Eros Now has finally arrived into the streaming war field with its crime-thriller series titled, Smoke. The series is directed by Neel Guha who has some good movies to his name. The most exciting thing about this series is its cast which is packed with powerful actors Jim Sarbh, Tom Alter, Mandira Bedi, Kalki Koechlin, Gulshan Devaiah and Neil Bhoopalam. The story takes place in the backdrop of Goa and explores the dark web of drugs, mafia and power. Before the official release in the Indian market Smoke has already made its name at the worldwide platform with the premiere at Cannes festival. Will Eros be able to leave its mark in the highly competitive web series market with Smoke? Let’s find out if Smoke is worth your precious time in the detailed review.

Smoke Review & Analysis

The series opens with a scene of brutally murdered bodies of two foreigners lying on the floor with drugs all around them. This makes it clear that Smoke will be a dark & gritty series that will venture into not so beautiful part of the Goa. From here onwards we are introduced to Bhau (Prakash Belawade) and Moshe Barak (Tom Alter) who rule the world of crime in Goa. Then we get a scintillating glimpse of Mandira Bedi in bikini as the wife of Moshe Barak. The drug business run by Bhau and Mosche is going through rough times because of the newly elected CM who is on the mission to clean India. Along with this both of them also have to overcome obstacles put forward by rival gangs. In this battle to rule and get hold of Goa, Moshe Barak arranges a mysterious box using his contacts in Russia and brings it to India. However, plan derails when one of the gang member Reddy betrays them and joins hand with the rival gang.

From this moment on we were set to enjoy the journey filled with crime and thrill, but the ride never picks up the pace. We are introduced to new characters now and then which makes it little difficult to get hold of them. The huge amount of characters would have been justified if they had something substantial to bring to the story, however, most of them are there to just fill the screen space. Kalki Koechlin plays one of these characters who have nothing special to add to the screenplay. The star cast filled with A-class actors is completely wasted because of the lacklustre screenplay. Smoke could have been easily summarized into four episodes but the basic screenplay has been stretched to eleven episodes, making the viewing experience a cumbersome task.

Eros Now Original Smoke Review

The plus points of Smoke is its cinematography, background score and actors which give there best to uplift a mediocre story. The opening sequence of the series is spectacular and keeps you spellbound with beautiful imagery paired with the melodic title track. Karsh Kale does an amazing work by creating a background score that uplifts the slow pacing story. Smoke could have worked wonders if the writers had concentrated on creating a crisp screenplay.

Is It Worth Your Time or Not? Smoke Review

Smoke has a good beginning but with each episode, it stumbles and the story takes a hit. After the first two episodes, you will find yourself yawning and curse the writers for introducing so many unnecessary characters. With an abundance of amazing content over the internet we would suggest you give Smoke a pass. Instead, you can enjoy new web series like Daredevil S3, Homecoming, What the Folks and Little Things.