ESL Announced ESL IEM Katowice Royale, First ESL IEM Fortnite Battle Royale Tournament


There is no doubt that Fortnite has become the most popular Battle Royale genre in short period. Now, it is rising as an eSports game, and Epic Games is doing all things to boost it up as a competitive game. Epic Games’ last Fortnite competitive event “Winter Royale” was a serious let down because of the overpowered Infinity Sword and Planes. But, it looks like Epic Games won’t stop after that blunder. Now, they have joined their forces with ESL to open the international doors for Fortnite. In partnership with ESL, Epic Games is bringing Fortnite Battle Royale at the IEM Katowice next month as first ESL IEM Fortnite Battle Royale tournament.

IEM Katowice Battle Royale, First ESL IEM Fortnite Tournament

According to the official sources, IEM Katowice will host two tournaments of Fortnite Battle Royale. One match will be only for the polish players in which 100 best polish players will put on tests of their building and shooting skills on 23 and 24 Feb. The prize pool of the event will be $100,000, and the major event will be held from March 1 to March 3 where the best players from the world will put their skills and experience they have gained till now. The prize pool of the event will be whopping $500,000.

IEM Katowice Fortnite Battle Royale

“ESL Katowice Royale – Featuring Fortnite will be our first international Fortnitecompetition and we couldn’t be more excited,” said ESL chief product officer Sebastian Weishaar. “Fans from all over the world know our Katowice event and bringing Fortnite as one of the world’s largest games to them feels like a great fit.”

ESL is building a special arena for the Katowice Royale which will feature 100PCs and 100PS4 and vast space for the audience to feel the thrill of the biggest battle royale competitive event. So if you think that you can give the other 99 players a tough competition, then start practising more. We will update you when the registration process and other details about the Katowice Royale will come out.