Extra Life Gaming Marathon Week 4 Update Schedule, Prize, Streamer List And More

Extra Life marathon
Image by Extra Life

Extra Life has announced the schedule of the gaming marathon to raise the fund for local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. In today’s post we will see Extra Life Gaming Marathon Week 4 Update Schedule, prize, streamer List and everything you want to know about this good deed. Before discussing the gaming marathon schedule, let’s see what is Extra Life is and what it does.

What Is Extra Life?

Extra Life is a charity organisation which brings thousands of gamers as volunteers. They play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Since 2008 Extra Life has raised more than $40 million for injured and sick kids. This gaming marathon is to raise funds for the healthcare of the kids across U.S. and Canada.

Extra Life Gaming Marathon Schedule

Extra Life gaming marathon will take place on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 for 24- hours from Midnight to the Midnight EST.

You can also join in this marathon to serve a little help for the kids who are suffering from severe disease by just playing Fortnite. Here is the full information about the event.

Extra Life Gaming Marathon
Image From Extra Life

Join or Donate to Team Fortnite

This year, we are continuing our support for Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center. We are looking for a team of players to sign-up for specific hours to stream Fortnite: Save The World & Fortnite: Battle Royale. You don’t need to stream the whole 24 hours. Anyone can join the team and anyone can stream.

Join Team Fortnite or DONATE HERE

Every $5 Donation enters you for a chance to win one of the awesome prizes below!

Featured Streamer Schedule

Thank you to everyone who did apply to be a featured streamer. Below you will find the full list and times for featured streamers. During the set hours, these streamers will each be giving away 1 Save the World Game Code in their channel!

Even if you are not featured, we still encourage you to stream and donate for this amazing cause!

November 3rd Featured Streamer Schedule

Hour (Eastern Standard Time -4 GMT) Featured Streamer Stream Link BR/STW
12:00 AM FaZe Yelo https://twitch.tv/yelo BR
1:00 AM VinceNZ https://twitch.tv/vincenz BR
2:00 AM JewishLewish https://www.Twitch.tv/JewishLewish BR
3:00 AM C9 Keeoh https://twitch.tv/keeoh BR
4:00 AM br000d/Reddit https://twitch.tv/reddit BR
5:00 AM /r/FortniteBRMods https://twitch.tv/niccorazi BR
6:00 AM ImSpeedyGonzalez https://www.twitch.tv/imspeedygonzales BR
7:00 AM Turkey_Lips https://twitch.tv/turkey_lips BR
8:00 AM Shuaa https://twitch.tv/shuaa BR
9:00 AM RoundedTikTak https://www.twitch.tv/roundedtiktak STW
10:00 AM AlluraSC https://www.twitch.tv/allurasc STW
11:00 AM Method MartinCreek https://twitch.tv/Martincreek BR
12:00 PM 100T Parallax https://twitch.tv/100T_Parallax BR
1:00 PM yoyokeepitup https://twitch.tv/yoyokeepitup BR
2:00 PM KriddleKraddle https://www.twitch.tv/kriddlekraddle STW
3:00 PM TygaStripe https://www.twitch.tv/tygastripe STW
4:00 PM MonsterDFace https://twitch.tv/MonsterDFace BR
5:00 PM FaZe Nate Hill https://twitch.tv/natehill BR
6:00 PM KillFrenz https://www.twitch.tv/killfrenz STW
7:00 PM ASUS Martoz https://www.youtube.com/user/manuelozuduru BR
8:00 PM Ghost Snood https://www.twitch.tv/snood BR
9:00 PM CLG Marksman https://twitch.tv/immarksman BR
10:00 PM NRG Zayt https://twitch.tv/zayt BR
11:00 PM squatingdog https://twitch.tv/squatingdog BR

Donate for a chance to Win!

See the below full prize list you can win by donating.

Fortnite Themed Prizes

  • 24 Save the World Game Codes – via Featured Streamers

  • Epic Swag Packs – Includes Hat, Shirt, and other goodies

  • 1 Smasher Statue

  • 2 Epic signed Fortnite Pop collectibles – Random POP

Donated by SteelSeries

3 SteelSeries Gaming Peripheral Packs. Includes:

Shipping Available only to these locations

Donated by HyperX

1 HyperX Bundle Box. Includes:

US Shipping Address Only

Donated by CoolerMaster

5 individual prizes. Includes:

  • 1 MH751 Headset – Unreleased to public

  • 1 MH752 Headset – Unreleased to public

  • 1 MM830 Gaming Mouse and MP750 Mousepad – Unreleased to public

  • 1 CK550 Keyboard

  • 1 CK552 Keyboard

US Shipping Address Only

Donated by TeamGroupInc

2 Memory and SSD Combo Packs. Includes:

No Delivery Restrictions

Donated by Drevo

3 Individual Prizes. Includes:

No Delivery Restrictions

Donated by DXRacer

2 Individual Prizes. Includes:

US Shipping Only, No Alaska Or Hawaii. Winners must also provide phone and email

For every $5 USD donated to the team, via our donation link or any streamer who has signed up with the our team, between now and 11/4, 12:00am EST, you will receive 1 entry into the drawing. The drawing will be recorded and posted with the winners approximately 1 week after the event ends. We will be reaching out to the winners no later than November 14th and they must confirm response within 48 hours of being contacted or the prize will be forfeited and redrawn. Contact will be made through the email provided when donating to Extra Life. All prizes with the exception of the Save The World Game Codes will be in this drawing. The game codes will be given away throughout the event by the featured streamers.

You may only win a donated prize one time. The Save The World game codes do not count toward this limit. Additionally, in the event a winner is chosen and they do not meet the delivery requirements of a prize they won, we will first work with them to attempt to have the prize shipped to a valid delivery address. We will make every attempt to work with them to get them their prize. If no conclusion can be reached, the prize will be forfeited and redrawn. Unfortunately, with the nature of this drawing and complexity involved, this is the best option. Additionally, all winners must be comfortable sharing their shipping address with a moderator.

Prizes/Donations Disclaimer

The moderator team does not endorse, benefit, or have any financial gain from these giveaway products and/or companies; they do not represent the moderator team or Epic Games. All items were donated by their respective companies, for the community, to enjoy, in support of Extra Life.

Source: u/BurlsteinBurl ,Extra Life