Facebook launches a new version of Messenger especially for kids.


Facebook has launched a new application for its social messaging platform. This new application is “Messenger Kids”. The new messenger is for children under 13 years of age.

This new application is especially for children, will allow them to safely communicate messages with friends and family.

Currently, kids version of Facebook messenger is only available for iOS and Apple devices. The application will release for android at the end of this month.

Furthermore, the application can be controlled and maintained by parents, through their Facebook account. Parents can also open their account in instant messenger, without any registration. They can also authorize and monitor their friends list. The messenger offers stickers, gif for children and other relative content. It doesn’t require any cellular connection and can easily work on WiFi network.


The Messenger Kids app for iOS is available for download from App Store.It will launch on  Android later this month.You can download for iOS from here.

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