Facebook Smart Displays said to launch next week

Facebook launches gaming hub on Android devices (Beta)

Facebook Smart Displays

The Facebook is the largest social media platform is the world and the company also own’s other social giants like Instagram and WhatsApp. The company also purchased the VR headset manufacturer Oculus back in 2014. However, Facebook the billionaire company doesn’t have any Device under its name. But now, it seems the company is finally jumping into making its own physical devices.

Back in February, it was rumoured the company was Developing a pair of smart displays, By April, more details about these two devices were surfaced online. One was budded “Fiona” and featured a 13-inch display, and another moniker “Aloha” sported a 15-inch screen. But the release of these devices was delayed because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now according to the latest report, Facebook could unveil these devices as soon as this month, that means within this week.

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As per the source, that is unknown, the device has a codename “Portal” and the Device with a larger display could be priced at $400, while the device with the smaller display could cost $300. Additionally, the source also says that the Device will be equipped with a wide-angle AI camera that also has a shutter that can be closed if users want some privacy.

“Portal” will be also be powered by the Amazon’s Alexa as its virtual personal assistant, allowing users to watch YouTube videos and see song lyrics while streaming music, etc.

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