15 Facts about Android you Probably Don’t Know

15 Facts about Android

The foremost Operating system across the Globe is the Android for more than a decade now. We all use smartphones that run on the different version of the Android. Android was initially designed for the mobile device, but now it is used across several places like in smartwatches, cars, tablets, gaming consoles, PCs, TVs, digital cameras and other electronic devices. But today we are here to tell you some interesting facts about Android you might not know. So without wasting time let’s start with the list of our top 15 facts about Android.

15 Facts About Android :

  • 1. Who created Android

Let’s start with the basic fact, the Android was produced by the Andy Rubin Called the Father of Android in September 2003. His other major team members were Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. The Android was first a startup; then Google in 2005 acquired it for $50 Million.

15 Facts about Android

  • 2. Android is a Man

If we talk about the gender of the Android, it is referred to as a male robot while the female robot is dubbed “Gynoid”.

  • 3. The First Smartphone to run the Android OS

The title for the first Android Smartphone is reserved for the HTC Dream, albeit it was running on the Linux-based Android OS. The smartphone was launched in September 2008.

15 Facts about Android
  • 4. Android Versions are Named after Sweet Treats

Google names each version of the Android after the name of a sweet dish but the Android 0.1 and 1.1 dosen’t have any name. Here are all the names of the Andriod versions.

  • Cupcake – Android 1.5
  • Donut – Android 1.6
  • Eclair – Android 2.0
  • Froyo – Android 2.2
  • Gingerbread – Android 2.3
  • Honeycomb – Android 3.0
  • Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0
  • Jelly Bean – Android 4.1 – 4.3.1
  • KitKat – Android 4.4 – 4.4.4
  • Lollipop – Android 5.0 – 5.1.1
  • Marshmallow – Android 6.0 – 6.0.1
  • Nougat – Android 7.0 – 7.1
  • Oreo – Android 8.0
  • Pie – Android 9.0

15 Facts about Android

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  • 5. Google Maps Traffic works Analytics work with Android in your Pocket.

Yes, Google collects or tracks the Android Smartphones and measure the traffic on the road using the GPS of your smartphone.

15 Facts about Android

  • 6. Google Creates an animation for every new Android

For every Android version, Google creates a new type of animation or called the easter egg. You can access that or view it by going to the setting of your smartphone and tapping on the about phone then tapping serval times on the Android version.

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  • 7. Even NASA uses Android

Yes, NASA has sent two Google Nexus S smartphone into space running on the Android Gingerbread 2.3 for some experiments in the international space station.

15 Facts about Android

  • 8. Number of Apps on Google Play store

Google play store has over 2.6 million apps that are running over 2 billion of the devices.

  • 9. Android has over 2 Billion Active Users

Android has is the largest Mobile OS with more the 2 billion active devices ( Smartphones, tablets, and Watches).
Ios has about 1.3 billion active devices.

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  • 10. Android is an Open-source

Android is the open source platform that means anyone with the knowledge can modify and add new features to it. On the other hand, iOS is closed- system, Yes, it has some open-source bits but, most of the OS is a closed system.

  • 11. Android is available in Many Languages

You would probably have used the Android in the English language but the OS is available in more than 46 languages that include languages across the globe,

  • 12. Android logo idea came from the logo on the Toilet or Bathroom door

The Famous green Android Robot type logo was designed by the “Irina Blok” in 2007. The logo was inspired by the logos of men and woman on the washrooms or toilets.
The Logo was designed initially for the developers but the customers loved it so much and it became the official Android Logo.

15 Facts about Android

  • 13. Android has more apps than its competitors

As per the Analytics and statistics, the Android Play store or Google Play store has more than 3.8 million apps while on the other hand, the Apple App store has about 2.6 million apps.
Note: This date will keep on changing as the time increases.

  • 14. Android Statue in Google

Google at its headquarters in California has Andriod statue that changes with the new Android Logo or with new version every year.

15 Facts about Android

  • 15. Android Logging System (wtf)

The Logging System of the Operating system (Android) has a method dubbed wtf(), that stands for the “What a terrible Failure”.

Hope you enjoyed these 15 facts about Android. If you use Apple devices or iOS it is completely fine that is a different OS but you can clearly see the market share of the Android over the iOS.

Surely the Android is a cornerstone for all the smartphone makers across the globe without which the creation of a proper smartphone would have been difficult for most of the OEMs. Android has changed our life a lot and made it simple to by giving us so much of power in our pocket.

So, these were some of the facts about Android. Are you are an Android user or the iOS user? Do let us know in the comments section.


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