Facts That You Must Know About Bindass The Trip 2

Facts That You Must Know About Bindass The Trip 2

The season 2 of the very famous show Trip 2 has presented 3 episodes till now and it is trending on YouTube like anything. It has surpassed the expectations of the audiences, its comedy and the storyline is totally on a different level.

  1. What trip are they going on: The very basic thing which everyone is keen to know how to do their next trip start, they help Nazia’s sister escape from her own wedding. Now, this is going to prove quite a trip.Facts to know about Bindass The Trip 2

  2. Change of lead: All the characters are the same only the lead is change, earlier it was Lisa Haydon and this time it is Amyra Dastur and she is doing a good job. The remaining cast includes Mallika Dua, Sapna Pabbi and Shweta Tripathi are doing a great work.Facts to know about Bindass The Trip 2

  3. Where is the location this time: This appears to be one of the most important must know of this season, the location of this trip Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu. The location looks very beautiful in the series and adds quite a factor in itself.Facts to know about Bindass The Trip 2

  4. Addition of some characters: This information is especially for girls, 3 new males are added to the cast, they would be seen against the main lead Mallika, Sapna and Amyra, and Shweta is back with her husband from the last season.Facts to know about Bindass The Trip 2

These were some of the must-knows of Trip2. If you haven’t watched it yet, go and see. It is all you want, a complete package in itself. The characters are doing an amazing job in justifying their roles and in the end, it is just and simply HILARIOUS! Check out for yourself and do let us know in comments.