Far Cry 5 is the most awaited game from the Ubisoft and set to release on 27th March. It is the biggest release of this month and it’s a huge game which can take your couple of weeks to be completed or just a five minutes. Yes, you read it right apart from very long gameplay you can just finish the game in 5 minutes by a little trick. Similar to the Far Cry 4 which had a secret ending that ends the game in 15 minutes, Far Cry 5 also has a secret ending that allows you to end the game in just five minutes.Let’s see the Far Cry 5 secret ending.

Far Cry 5 Opening Walkthrough And Secret Ending :

Far Cry 5 begins with the squad of US Marshals who are going to arrest Jacob Seed with an arrest warrant. They are frightened to go there because of the power he has but they take a wise decision to go there and arrest him. Jacob Seed is the cult-leader of Eden’s Gate which has occupied Hope County Montana and he is the main antagonist of the series. The opening of the Far Cry 5 has similarity with the opening of the Far Cry 4. In both the game our protagonist meet the main villain of the game in its opening and both games have a secret ending.

The first scene after landing from the helicopter features you the walking into the Seed’s church to cuff and arrest him followed by some dialogues and act of the arrest.

During the act, you will be provided with two options whether to arrest him or not. If you arrest him Far Cry 5 story continues but if you do nothing and opt to not to arrest him. After about a minute and a half, a new scene begins to play. The local sheriff and co. leaves the church by saying that” You put the cuffs on him, then none of us will get out of here alive. When you leave the church the game’s credits roll and you end the game.

After the completion of the game, you’ll able to reload the last checkpoint of the game and start the actual story of the game by arresting Seed.You can watch the video from Polygon below:

Far Cry will available on 27th March for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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