FIFA 19 gets UEFA Champion League Title Now | E3 2018


EA Sports conference has taken place in LA, USA today morning and the company has unveiled four-game trailers today which includes Battlefield V, FIFA 19, Anthem and Unravel 2. All the games look truly phenomenal and compelling with their immersive gameplay. Anthem has received most appreciation during the course of the conference. In the article, we will talk about all the details about the FIFA 19.

Each year each EA sports brings out the title of FIFA series, improving its gameplay and core mechanics. The company does a lot of efforts to give the fans and football gaming community best experience of this sport.

FIFA game series is immensely popular among the football fans around the globe and EA Sports understand their responsibility to deliver the best game content for their fans. PES ( Pro Evolution Soccer) is one of the biggest opponents for EA FIFA series and PES has also made its mark as a good sports game.

PES developed by Konami had the official license of UEFA Champion League for the term of last 10 years which came to an end this year. The EA Sports didn’t let the opportunity pass by and they took the license of UEFA Champion League Title, which means now you can play this European title, along with all the teams and players included in it.

EA Sports senior producer stated at the conference that the developers have improved the gameplay of the game to another level, keeping in mind the true experience of football on PC and consoles.


The game has the cover photo of Cristiano Ronalda as seen in the previous year title of FIFA 18 game. The trailer of the game has also showcased the Neymar, who has joined Paris Saint-Germain F.C a few months back.

FIFA 19 is looking like another huge entry to this iconic series of the game and the game graphics and facial expressions look more than just mannequins.

The game is not only launching on the latest consoles, but it will also launch for PS3 and XBOX 360. The Microsoft and Sony have already stopped manufacturing the PS 3 and XBOX 360 in America. But, it seems like the EA sports has done some analysis regarding the number of players who are still using the old hardware. That might be the reason, for the launch of FIFA 19 title for PS3 and XBOX 360

FIFA 19 will also launch on September 28, 2018, officially on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch