FLAMES Web Series Review, humour king Lalit Shokeen’s cameo as Janu Bhai.


FLAMES is THE TIMELINERS Original 5 episode webseries , Starring Ritvik Sahore, Sunakshi Grover, Tanya Maniktala, Shivam Kakkar and Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish. Directed by Apoorv Singh Karki. Surprise appearance Lalit Shokeen.


The web series takes us on a roller coaster ride down the timeline revolving around school romance. The story is amazing and it happens with everyone during their school life, when one falls in love with someone but never has the courage to express one’s feeling. How everything changes when you are in love and everyday feels special. It defines the actual concept of misunderstanding and how a guy tackles it with support of people.

The series begins showing two best friends going for their chemistry classes in an institution named Sunshine Tuition Centre. Ishita is a new girl in Sunshine Tuition Centre. Rajat is a studious kid who has a crush on her. Rajat finds out that Pandu has feelings for Anusha. However, his own equation with Ishita is still unbalanced. Rajat & Ishita bunk tuition for the first time and go out on a date, taking Rajat on the same spot where she and her mother used to go as a remembrance of the same, but things don’t go as planned.


A rumour spreads about Rajat & Ishita that they are over indulged with each other, which leads to a misunderstanding between them. Rajat fights with Pandu as well and fails in his test as the latter is little responsible for the fight between Rajat and Ishita as he just tells Vishaank and he further adds fuel to fire and tells to everyone in the tuition centre. Rajat tries to sort things out but nothing seems to work for Rajat and he breaks down in front of Kaushal sir and he gives Rajat some really helpful and good piece of advice. Then, finally the besties get together and the misunderstandings get resolved


But guess who stole the series; Pandu’s well acquainted goon brother and our favourite humour king, Lalit Shokeen as Janu Bhai, the reason behind the happy ending. I was exclaimed to see him appearing in such an awesome cameo and obviously we all are well acquainted with his awesome acting and the way he tickles our bones by writing such a unique content which not only makes us laugh but promote our culture too. He has ruled the social media with his work, making a great fan following and people going mad for him.


Praiseworthy work by the cast and genuinely great piece by “the timeliners”  making us feel nostalgic for our old but ever memorable school days, friends, those bonds and especially the feeling we still can feel after watching this. We all must have had a jolly friend like Pandu and that funny commentary by Kaushal sir using peculiar chemistry terminologies connecting everything to chemistry in humorous way. A must watch for teens to know how misunderstandings can be removed by just initiating a step forward for the sake for friendship, trust and that bond. It takes just few moments for the things to get better.


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