Foldable Xiaomi phone video with Xiaomi co-founder appeared


Xiaomi has always been introducing some unexpected design with its smartphone, and now a video appeared online which shows that the Xiaomi foldable phone is in works. In the video that appeared online, we can see that the video is not a leaked unintentionally, as the quality of the video is good and Xiaomi’s Co-Founder, Lin Bin, is demonstrating the Xiaomi Foldable device, clearly showing that the new foldable device is in works.

Talking about the device, when unfolded the device allows a larger screen interaction, which can be used to watch video or to play games and as far as you can think, and the best part is the device can be folded, which makes it easier to carry, like you can carry it in your pocket. Also, the thickness of the device on folding is not sleek, but on the other hand it doesn’t look gigantic or ugly.

It can be seen in the video that the Xiaomi foldable device folds in a different fashion. Like as we have seen the Samsung Foldable device, which folds in half, but the video shows that the among the three parts of the display, two parts can be folded back, while the third part run as the primary screen.

The interface of the Xiaomi foldable device looks fluid and it can be seen in the video, that the device UI responds fast when folded. Xiaomi probably worked a lot in the software aspect of the device to achieve that responsive user interface.

The Xiaomi Foldable device video that appeared online seems legit, and reveals the design of the device completely, however, in the final device some changes will take place. For now, the launch of the Xiaomi Foldable device is not unknown, but we are expecting the launch in 2019’s Q3.

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