Ford Using Microsoft HoloLens in designing cars. What is Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens is a virtual reality headset with transparent lenses for an augmented reality experience.
HoloLens is unbounded with wires see through holographic computer. HoloLens enables users to experience 3D holographic as they are part the environment. This can begin with new levels of computing in which user desktop will be living room. You can Hotstar on a wall or play candy crush on your coffee table, as holograms

HoloLens packs more processing power than many notebooks having intel processor. We are aware of CPU and GPU, but along with this it also features HPU that is responsible for processing that integrates real world and Holographic data
HoloLens can be used in design, data analysis, medical imaging, computing and gaming. It can also flourish new augmented related experiences

Source : Microsoft HoloLens


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