Fortnite 5.2 Patch Notes Release Date – Rail Sniper, and Durr Burger skin


Epic Games always try Fortnite to make it more exciting and entertaining by releasing new cosmetics and contents in the game via patch notes or updates. Next update is coming in term of Fortnite 5.2 Patch notes or updates.

Epic Games is promising to bring new weapons, cosmetics and more content in the game via update 5.2 to change the game excitingly. Last week’s update marked the return of Guided Missile and Fly Explosive LTM to the game. Now, players are hoping more and apart from returning weapons or LTM as Fortnite Season 5 has already covered it’s halfway.

Fortnite 5.2 Patch Notes

Fortnite 5.2 Patch Notes

We are not sure that what changes are coming via Fortnite 5.2 Patch notes or Fortnite Update 5.2 but we have a good idea. According to @FNBRLeaks , a new customisation feature such as costumized Fortnite hats and map could be in the next big update. Fortnite might get Heavy Sniper in this update that did not appear in last week’s Fortnite Update 5.1. You might see brand new Break Barrel Shotgun and Rail Sniper in the game via next update.

Fortnite 5.2 Patch Notes release date

Epic Game releases a new update every Tuesday morning, so Fortnite 5.2 Patch notes will live tomorrow at am BST (4 am ET / 1 am PT).

Fortnite Update 5.2 – new cosmetics

Fortnite 5.2 Patch notes are giving a load of new ways to express yourself as the consumable emotes will allow you to express when you consume an item. According to the leaks, calling cards will make you taunt on your opponents after you defeat them. Along with the new guns, Epic Games is releasing a pretty cool Durr Burger skin as well as customisable map markers, ATK and hats.


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