List of Fortnite Battle Royale Records, PC, PS4, XBOX, Mobile Updated

Fortnite Update 6.20 Patch Notes

As more and more players are joining the Fortnite game, the records for the game are breaking more often.

Many players do claim for various records, but their authenticity can’t be confirmed without a valid proof.

But a user on an Epic Games forum has shared a list of all the records for the game with its proof.

Fortnite Battle Royale Records

Fortnite Battle Royale Records

We have compiled for you, list of all records which have been made across the various platforms including PC, console and mobile

The Epic Game forum user, Lodoiis has listed all the records in a document, which we have compiled for you down below

Fortnite Battle Royale Records PC, PS4, Xbox and Mobile


Mode Kills Player(s) Validation
Solo 32 diddytheboy link
Solo vs Duo 35 Payamz link
Duo 41 link
FunkBomb (26), Nagezz (14) link
Solo vs Squad 43 Teeqzy link
Duo vs Squad 43 Teeqzy (27), Nokss (16) link
Trio vs Squad 53 Renik (16), XMS (15), Nokss (22) link
Squad 59 3vil (12), 7ssk7 (16), Jamside (21), whistle (10) link

Console: XB1/ PS4

Mode Kills Player(s) Validation
Solo 30 Whxbz link
Solo vs Duo 30 Zorbets link
Duo 46 link
Solo vs Squad 38 KaneeeeB13 link
FT-Fateu link
Duo vs Squad 44 Glxy (31), Scared (13) link
Trio vs Squad 43 iSkiiiz (20), Az0t3 (13), Xtrem-Zapeur (10) link
Smxthyyyy (17), Scootchyy (16), Bigbazza (10) link
Squad 61 Fqrbes (25), Nexjs (18), Tactjc (10), NadeXC (8) link


Mode Kills Player(s) Validation
Solo vs Squad 29 AdamxLegend ` link
Duo vs Squad 31 FataStar (5), KeaStarL (26) link
Squad 41 DuckyTheGamer (2), Frisky (13), Reza Evo (15), Flashinq (11) link


FEW OTHER Notable mentions


[PS4] Longest sniper shot: 491m GATO VELANDIA   Proof Link


[PS4] Longest rocket shot: 541m S-k-r-e-p-p-e-d   Proof Link !


[PS4] Longest C4 kill: 1368m Yowd  Proof Link !