Fortnite Battle Royale to add shopping cart to the game


Fortnite Battle Royale to add shopping cart in the next update of the game. This news has been confirmed by an in-game message from Epic games. In the last update, we have seen the inclusion of Jetpack in the game which has been loved by the gaming community.

Players and gaming community are now speculating whether it is a movable vehicle or not and how exactly players can use it in the game.

When you will closely observe the in-game message, it says ” Shopping Cart (Coming Soon) Roll into battle alone or with a buddy. We think it means two people will be able to ride in the Shopping Cart to a certain location of the map within a matter of seconds. It is more like Teleportation we have seen in the Harry Potter movie, in which with the help of Magic powder you can transfer to another place in seconds.

Fortnite Battle Royale to add a shopping cart

Fortnite Battle Royale to add shopping cart

This in-game message has started popping up within the game on 28-05-2018, which has been shown below.

Fortnite amazing new updates day by day is making this game gigantic and its fan base is increasing in huge numbers every day.

Shopping Carts is likely to be added in the next update for Fortnite Battle Royale. We certainly hope the inclusion of this item in the new update will add more fun to the game


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