If you have just started playing Fortnite Battle Royale and has not been able to survive the game for long. Here are some best tricks and tips to out-think, deceive and win over your opponents

Fortnite: Battle Royale has just risen to the top games in just a matter of time, this game has come after the PUBG, but is now surpassing it and has already an estimate of 40 million Americans playing this game.

It does not matter if you are rookie or not, it is a tedious task to win in this game and survive till the last. Fortnite specifically differs from other Battle Royale games in many distinctive numbers of ways but majorly on its ability to build during the course of the game and the ingenuity offered with help of varied weapons combined with fast-paced action is the reason for the big success of this game


Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Tips 

Building Things

 Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks

Well, without any question this is the basic requirement that you should get familiar with if you want to excel in the Fortnite game. So you must learn to build things faster in order to protect yourself from opponents firings. The best way to start with is to build 4X4 walled fort with the slope. Also, have a constant check on your material count and don’t waste your material unnecessary. When you are into a gunfight, utilize wood as your first resource, as it builds fast and can protect from you from the first damage. For strong base use steel or brick as both these materials provide more rampant. The games allow you to destroy almost anything from a huge apartment to small wooden houses, trees

Storm Circle

 Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks

Be wary of the Storm Circle and plan your strategy skillfully. Do make sure you have enough time to move into the next safe zone. Utilize your map whenever you get an instance of downtime

The initial circles faster in the game compared to the storm circle at the later stage. The later stage circle deals the damage of 7 per second while initial circles do the damage of 1 per second


 Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks

You might think you are the boss of the game and going in for rampage open your opponents in open. However engaging or jumping in unnecessary gunfights is not a great thought, for example, two other solo players having a gunfight and you jumping in that fight is pretty much not required, as the last men to survival will win the game

However, you must have the practice to win the gunfights, as if you won’t practice this, it would become really hard to win an inevitable gunfight with the opponents. For the practice of gunfights, try to land in locations which are popular like Tilted Towers which will provide you with more engagements with weaponry. It is not just an FPS game, if you are coming from any other FPS game and playing the Fortnite, it can be a whole lot of different experience altogether. In other FPS games, we try to move quickly while striking the opponents and evading their bullets. But here it is not the case, here you need to stand still while gunning down your opponent. Crouching will also be beneficial

Fortnite Best Tricks

Aim Low Valleys In Drop

 Fortnite Best Tips and Tricks

While dropping in, try to aim for lower ground this will allow you to dive longer before the release of the glider. Try to aim for low valleys instead of trees and buildings

Stay Low and Quiet

Destroying outbuildings or trees can be fun, but it does make lots of noise which can help your opponents to locate you easily and plan the kill. Sprinting in the field also make a considerable amount of noise, so use the crouch more, as it is barely audible

Do not engage in unnecessary fights

The winner of the game will be the user who will survive until the last. Hence going for unnecessary combat is not really the need of the game until n unless it’s head to head or you get a sneak kill

Teamwork Codes

While playing in a team, make sure to give have some codes for words n locations such as shoot, escape or any location. This will allow you to have an advantage over the rivals.

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