Fortnite CUBE Has Texture Inside It ,Fortnite Kelvin CUBE Is Opening

Fortnite CUBE Opening

We are in the Halloween week and Fortnite is celebrating it with the Fortnitmares 2018 event. Fortnite map has been turned into a spooky place with the release of this event. Monsters are wandering around some parts of the map, but players are also excited to put them down with the latest Fortnite weapon, Pumpkin Launcher in spooky outfits. In the midst of the event, Kelvin Cube is still in talks as its mystery is increasing day by day in Fortnite season 6. According to ForTory, they have noticed some textures inside of Fortnite CUBE in replay mode.

Fortnite Kelvin CUBE Is Opening

As you can see in the above images by the Twitter handle of the leaker, CUBE has some cracks and wide texture inside it. What would it do? it is impossible to predict, but many players are still hoping for a Volcanic eruption in the game.

Nothing is confirmed from Epic Games, but we might hear something from them very soon.