Fortnite for Nintendo Switch became most popular game on it

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is now the most popular game on the planet and this fact is known to everyone. In recent days, we have seen big celebs like Drake and even sports stars like Michael Jordan are investing in eSports. But, here we not currently talking about the eSports. We are talking console Nintendo Switch and the popularity of the Fortnite game on it. Fortnite for Nintendo Switch became the most popular game on the device

Well, your guess is right, the Fortnite Game has been download in the almost half of the Nintendo switch devices across this planet and these figures have been shared by the Nintendo itself.

According to the Nintendo statement, the company has sold out approx 22.86 million units of Nintendo Switch and on almost 11 million devices, the Fortnite Game has been installed

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

Fortnite has even made this game free to play for Nintendo Switch devices, which means user or player does not require to pay for the subscription to Nintendo online system in order to play the game

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