Fortnite Gifting Feature Is Ending Today, Will Return Soon

Fortnite Gifting Feature

If you haven’t gift an item to your Fortnitemate, then today is the last day as Epic Games is concluding the Fortnite Gifting feature today. So, what are you waiting for??, show your admiration towards your teammate with the heartiest gift in the form of an exclusive Fortnite item.

Fortnite Gifting Feature End Date

Fortnite Gifting end ends on December 4th at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 6 PM GMT. After it, no player will able to gift items to each other. But it doesn’t seem the end of the feature. Epic Games will bring back the feature very soon to the game.

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The way of expressing the tweet hints toward the return of the Fortnite gifting feature. It says “initial period” of the gifting feature ends tomorrow, December 4 at 10 AM ET.

So, Epic Games may just be disabling the gifting feature to pay full focus on the launch of the Fortnite Season 7. They might bring back the feature in the game after the two or three weeks of the Fortnite Season 7 launch when the hype will low down.

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Fortnite Gifting Feature

The initial period of the Fortnite gifting feature lasts from 27th December to December 4th. Before the release of the feature, players were worried how the Epic Games would stop the misuse it via hacking, but Epic Games put strict restrictions on the system.

Payers had to be friends for over one day and could send a max of three skins each day. They had to have the two-factor authentication enabled in the game.

The clock is ticking, if you haven’t sent gifts, do it now.



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