Fortnite Guide- Now Add Steam Friends In Fortnite


After Fortnite Update v4.3, Epic Games has implemented a new feature in the Epic Games Launcher. From now on you can add your steam friends in Fortnite directly by having them in  Epic Games friends list. You can fill them the game and in your squad if they also have Fortnite Battle Royale. Let’s discuss Fortnite Guide to add steam friend in Fortnite by adding them to the friend’s list of  Epic Games.

Fortnite Guide-How To Add Steam Friends In Fortnite

Epic Games implemented this feature in the game yesterday and it needs only a small update of Epic Games launcher.

These are the steps to add your steams friends in Epic Games launchers.

  • Update your Epic Game Launcher. It will automatically prompt to update the launcher if you haven’t yet.

Steam Friends In Fortnite

  • After updating the launcher, go to the add friend section by clicking the middle option on top right of the launcher and then click add friend.

Steam Friends In Fortnite

  • Previously in the add friend section, there were two options to make friends in the launcher. First is to add username or mail ID and other is via Facebook friends list. But now there is the third option in the add friend section which is through steam.

Steam Friends In FortniteHow To Add Steam Friends In Fortnite

  • Click on the steam option and it will prompt to sign in as your steam account.

How To Add Steam Friends In Fortnite


  • After signing though steam Epic Games launcher will find your steam friends who are linked with Epic Games. If they have Epic Games account they will be added to your Epic Games Friend list.

So by following these steps, you can add your steam friends in Fortnite or any game of Epic Games. I hope this Fortnite Guide will help you to add steam friends in Fortnite if they have Epic Games account also.


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