Fortnite, How to Use Balloon Quadcrusher to fly above the storm

Fortnite Balloons

A Fortnite player has found an innovative way to use the Quadcrusher and Balloons simultaneously.

We are aware of this fact that Balloons will defy gravity and take you up in the air. But Reddit user has shown, a way where you can fly up in the air even with the Quadcrusher

This act can’t be performed alone, you require two people to pull this act, along with Quadcrusher and balloons as item

The player who will use and inflate the balloons is required to sit on the rear or back side of the quadcrusher. While the other player is required to sit on the front seat and rear player has to use the balloon such that Quadcrusher starts lifting above the ground.

How to Use Balloon Quadcrusher to fly above the storm

You can reach above the storm using quad crusher + balloons. Free rotation to anywhere from r/FortniteCompetitive

Once the Quadcrusher lifts above the ground, front seat player has to use to the boost ability of the Quadcrusher to lift themselves up.

While doing so, you will be raised even above the storm itself and when the items will get finished you need to re-deploy your glider and can safely land on any desired location

Also, the Epic Games has announced some changes for Fortnite Balloon Fall Damage, for its reference, kindly read the article below

The balloons have been added to the game in the Fortnite update v6.21

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