Fortnite Hunter Party Skin Has Landed On Flush Factory

Fortnite Season 6 week 7 challenges are live in the game which means its time for the players to unlock the legendary skin. A parachute has just landed at the roof of one of the buildings of Flush Factory to signify the arrival of the A.I.M, the legendary robotic hunter party skin. Players can unlock the Fortnite Hunter Party skin via completing every challenge of all seven weeks.

Fortnite Hunter Party Skin

To confirmed the theory of arrival of Fortnite Hunter Party Skin, data miners have leaked the picture of Parachute from the assets folder of Fortnite. The filename Robo_Chute/Textures/T_Robo_Chute_D also confirmed that the sign on the parachute is same as sign Hunting Party’s A.I.M’s shoulder. Hunter Party Skin is basically a robot like previous season’s Hunter skin.

Hunting Party Skin

It is unknown whether Epic Game will expand the landing of Parachute will expand into a storyline or not.

If we talk about the Hunter Skin Of Fortnite Season 6, then it is a little disappointed to see that the skin is the simple robot model. It lacks the unique attraction like other Fortnite skins in the item shop. The previous two Fortnite Hunter Skins, The Visitor skin, and The Enforcer skin were also like a robot and both of them were also bland compared to other skins.

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It takes a lot of difficulties to complete every challenge of seven weeks. Players spend their precious time to do the challenges to unlock the legendary skin and what they always got a simple robotic skin. It is quite unfair from the side of Epic Games. They should make a better Hunter Party skin for the Fortnite Season 7, or they should forfeit this reward.

Apart from the arrival of the parachute, players are hearing some strange sound in air in every 30 minutes. One player was managed to record the sound.

This strange sound bolstered the theory of arrival of an aerial vehicle in the game. An official announcement related to the aerial vehicle in Fortnite is still had to be made from the side of Epic Games. Till then stay tuned.



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