Fortnite Ice King Challenges, How to unlock tier 100 Ice King skin, Colors

Fortnite Ice King Challenges

Fortnite Season 7 has a total of 100 tiers just like the previous season, but this year you will unlock Ice King after progressing to the 100th Tier

Ice King skin looks uber cool and somewhat resembles Lich King ( World of Warcraft)

You can unlock the Ice King by two respective methods, firstly progressing to the tier 100 step by step or by V-Bucks

Once you get access to Ice King, then you can change its colour by completing certain challenges

These challenges have been named as Ice King Challenges and each challenge will unlock a certain reward for you

Fortnite Ice King Challenges

Fortnite Ice King Challenges

In order to unlock new colours for Ice King, you need to outlive the opponents

Outliving 1000 Opponents – Red Makeover

Outliving 7500 Opponents – White Makeover

Outliving 25000 Opponents – Gold Makeover

In addition to that, after outliving 500 opponents you will get an exclusive backbling

After outliving 2500 opponents, you can pick yourself a new pickaxe

After outliving 15000 opponents you can get yourself an exclusive emote


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