Fortnite Jetpacks officially confirmed with in game message


Jetpacks, which are being rumoured to come in the next limited time mode of Fortnite Battle Royale Week 5 of Season 4, has finally appeared officially with in-game message information.

The news for the inclusion of Jetpacks in the Fortnite Battle Royale game has popped up many times in February 2018. But it could not be added into the game earlier due to a design flaw and other certain limitations.

Previously, the inclusion of the guided missile received a mixed reaction from the gaming community. As it provided enormous power for pro players to snatch easy kills within the game. In the same fashion, this new inclusion of Jetpack to the game could certainly work wonders for the professional players. But this new item has already raised the excitement level equally among all the players.

Fortnite Jetpacks

Fortnite Jetpacks

We can’t say it sure, but it might give you feeling of the Iron Man in the game, using guns, grenades or other in-game items to knock out the opponents. This news has been officially confirmed with an in-game message “Limited time item. Take the flight to new heights.

Fortnite Jetpacks

Fortnite Jetpacks

The message clearly indicates us that, this new item will only be available for the Limited time period only. We are presuming developers are currently testing this new item, in order to perceive the response of the players and the gaming community.

The inclusion of Jetpack is likely to come in the next patch or the coming week from the Epic games. Once the Jetpacks will be available in-game, we will update you on the same.


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