Fortnite Kevin Cube Butterfly Event Video Photos,Kevin Cube Gone Update Event, Fortnitemares End

Fortnite Kevin Cube Demise Butterfly Event

Fortnite Cube event has completed in the game and all the players around the world witnessed the Butterfly event.

Some players build out protected walls with the help of resources and build materials and took a safer height to enjoy this grand event. While few players took the support of big mountain rocks to watch the grand event live. Few players kept floating around in the air to enjoy the Cube event close. No player was killing each other, they build stairs close the cube over the leaky lake to watch the event up and close

Fortnite Kevin cube started pulsating and rotating and then it exploded into complete white light and white pipes spread out everywhere, where players are floating in the mid-air and then appeared a portal in the shape of a butterfly and once the player touched the butterfly. The player returns to the Fortnite map, with a newer version of Leaky Lake

Check the exclusive videos and photos of the Fortnite Kevin Cube Demise Butterly Event Videos

Fortnite Kevin Cube Butterfly Event Video, Photos 

As per the current reports from the players, they are not seeing shadow monsters anymore and also there are significant changes in the Leaky Lake areas, where the appearance of some sort of Stone Henge can be seen


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