Fortnite Leaked Skin Grill Sergeant Release Date, Details

Leaked Fortnite Skin

This past week, we got a list of upcoming skins and other cosmetics coming to the Fortnite store in a few days. There were classic 80’s skins with a pair of biker skin, Samsung Galaxy skin and fan’s demand, i.e. Burr Burger mascot. Various emotes, gliders and backblings also get leaked via data miners who always seeks nothing but to leak everything related to world’s most popular game, Fortnite Battle Royale. This time, they leaked information about one more leaked Fortnite skin that was not included in previous news, Grill Sergeant.

Fortnite Leaked Skin Grill Sergeant Release Date

Fortnite YouTuber Trimix uploaded its video and images on his YouTube channel. “Grill Sergeant” Fortnite skins is of uncommon rarity and seems to be part of the Durr Burger skin set which was released recently.

Fortnite Skin

Grill Sergeant wears an orange T-shirt with blue strips over it. He has a headphone with a mic attached to it and wears large gloves. His hat and glitched apron resemble him as a restaurant worker and “grill” also makes his profession more clear.

As Durrr Burger set – ‘Beef Boss, Flying Saucer, and Patty Whacker’ are available in Fortnite, we will see Grill Sergeant in the next Fortnite Update which will release on August 14.


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