Fortnite Leaky Lake Portal Update, Fortnite Floating Island Event


Another set of interesting order of events is about to take place in the coming time in Fortnite. Today morning, we have observed that beam of bright purple light is shooting up from the sky from the house on the Floating Island. The beam of light has opened a portal up in a sky, see the picture below

Now a recently data mined file suggests that this Fortnite Leaky Lake Portal in the sky will grow bigger and this will happen in the next steps or order. From the leaked file, one can observe that the Fortnite Leaky Portal has been divided into six respective stages

Fortnite Leaky Lake Portal Update

Fortnite Leaky Lake Portal Update

Many users previously suggested that this some sort of thing would return back to the Fortnite by means of this portal

Fortnite Floating Island Event

Also, the house above the Floating Island is all covered in purple cube thing depicting that darkness will continue to grow deeper into the Fortnite Season 6

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