Fortnite Power Chord Skin returning back to the game

Fortnite Item Shop 13th September 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale any in-game events or launches are always coupled with either surprises or riddles. Today, Fortnite has shared a mysterious tweet on their twitter handle which constituted two emojis, a lightning symbol and a guitar along with the word tonight. In the article below, we will try to analyse this tweet and break it down further

With the conclusion of Fortnite Season 5,  is just 10 days away, one should expect a lot of strange events to take place in the Fortnite Battle Royale game in the coming week

A few weeks back, the Epic games has added a mysterious purple cube to the game, which was initially formed due to the lightning strike in the paradise palms. Since then the Cube is travelling across the Fortnite map and leaving a rune mark. You can read more about the Season 6 speculations and spoilers from the article below.

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Coming back to the tweet shared by Fortnite today, the Fortnite fans are speculating that lightning means power and Guitar is demonstrating a power chord which might be linked to the inclusion of Fortnite Power Chord Skin once again to the game

Fortnite Power Chord Skin

Fortnite Power Chord Skin

Along with the power chord skin, two new skins related to 80’s rock band can make its way to the item shop

The data mining results indicate there will be inclusion of Power Chord, Stage Slayer and Synth Star skins as shown below

Fortnite Stage Slayer Skin

Fortnite Power Chord Skin

Fortnite Synth Star Skin

Fortnite Power Chord Skin