Fortnite new weapons includes Two Sniper and a shotgun

Week 4 Road Trip Challenge

It seems like Fortnite has set some high benchmarks for themselves, as their developers are commited to produce and deliver new content each week. The developers at XDA, through data mining, has discovered that Fortnite will be receiving 3 new weapons in the game.

Talking about the weapons, it will include The Heavy Sniper, Rail Sniper and Break barrel shotgun.

Currently, the heavy sniper is available in Save the world mode, but it has not been included for a long time for the reason of being extremely powerful and devastating. The Heavy Sniper causes heavy damage and is capable to hit through walls. As Fortnite developers have to balance the damage system for Guided missile, the developers might have reached a proper balance for this sniper rifle.

Second weapon Railgun will use the electromagnetic fields and it has to be charged first before its use.

Third inclusion might be break barrel shotgun, it will represent a double-barreled weapon and folds in half to reload.

The information shared by XDA is just a possibility, it does not guarantee that these weapons will be included in the game.

XDA has shared a statement regarding the data mining discovery.

Keep in mind the items we found below are new in this update compared to v5.1. However, they might have been in the game previously and later removed, only to return in this release. Furthermore, Epic will sometimes add these items without actually releasing them, so even though they are in the files they might not actually make it into a live build of the game.


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