Fortnite News- Fortnite Cube Is Growing After Reaching 3rd Rune

Fortnite Cube

First, loot lake, then invoking two corrupted areas with volcanic pits Fortnite floating island driven by the cube has now reached to the third corrupted area near Fatal fields. We saw Floating Island with the release of Fortnite season 6. It was the Fortnite Cube turned the middle mansion of loot lake to the floating island. Now, it is moving to the corrupted areas one by one.

Currently, it is on 3rd rune near fatal field and soon it will be active volcanic pits also there. Throughout this process, Fortnite cube below the island is growing once again and spreading its roots into houses. Data miners have already predicted that Cube will grow throughout the season 6. You can see the latest image of Cube below:

Fortnite CubeFortnite Cube

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