Fortnite Playground Mode Customization Options to be enhanced

Fortnite Patch 4.5 Notes

More Customization options will land to the Fortnite game soon. It seems like Epic Games developers are paying attention to the user experience even for the Playground mode.

With the below-mentioned customization added to the game, it will offer a great amount of functionality to the players

The data mining of files has suggested these upcoming changes for the PlayGround mode, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Fortnite Playground Mode Customization Options

Fortnite Playground Mode Customization Options

The list of changes which might be included in the upcoming update includes

  • Friendly Fire (True/False) – Enabling this will allow you to deal damage to the teammates
  • Glider Redeploy (True/ False) – This will allow you to re-deploy glider when you fall from a height
  • Loot Levels – Three different tiers for the amount of loot it will provide
  1. Scarce Loot
  2. Regular Loot
  3. Lots of Loot
  • Movement Speed Multiplier – It will allow the player to increase or slow down the speed
  • Damage Multiplier – This will allow you to control and tweak weapon damage ranging from 50%, 100 % and 200 %
  • Gravity Multiplier – This will allow you to shift between different gravity join by selecting the following
  1. Small Planet
  2. Medium Planet
  3. Large Planet
  4. Medium Moon
  5. Large Moon
  6. Asteroid

Infinite Ammo– This will allow the user to have infinite ammo for the equipped weapon

Infinite Building Resources – This option will give you infinite building resources including Wood, Brick, and Metal

Spawn Item – Player can use it to spawn any item including Traps, Weapons and Consumables

We believe once these Fortnite Playground Mode Customization Options will be enhanced, it would help players to increase their game skills more effectively.