Fortnite Respawn Van Locations leaked by a Reddit user


Fortnite is getting stiff competition from Apex Legends battle royale game these days. The Season 1 of Apex Legends is yet to commence and the player’s mark has already hit 50 million. For quite some time the rumors of Respawn feature in Fortnite Game is floating around and now a Reddit user has claimed to have found a few more leaked respawn buses.

The respawn feature is already present in the game Apex Legends and the players are finding it quite handy at times when their teammates sometimes die in the early stages of the game.

Epic Games have also given a confirmation on this during Ask me anything session of Reddit.

The respawning feature was presumed to include soon when respawning vans and ‘Second_Chance_Van’ was revealed in the game files.

However, there is no update on this feature in the Fortnite update v8.01. A Reddit user u/Remizje found all the locations of the respawn buses in the replay mode of the game.

Many players are now suspecting that this feature will be added to the game pretty soon.

Fortnite Respawn Van Locations

Fortnite Respawn Van Locations

It is really interesting to see Fortnite is taking inspiration from its competitors to keep the game live and in competition with the other battle royale games.