Fortnite Season 6 Kevin Cube breaking leaking event, Butterfly Event, Fortnitemares 2018 end event


With the release of Fortnite Update v6.21 Epic Games have shared the end time of Fortnitemares 2018 event and in addition to that, they have announced a big in-game event which will happen today at 1 PM ET. The Fortnite Kevin Cube has already started cracking and the mysterious leaky material is falling down from the cube into the whirlpool

Many players and leakers have suggested that this event is related to Kevin Cube and its end. A popular Fortnite leaker @Siloxleaks has earlier suggested the Butterfly event for Cube and now more details about it have been revealed as the Fortnite Kevin Cube has started Cracking

Fortnite Season 6 Kevin Cube Breaking Leaking


The Fortnite Kevin Cube has already created a lot of buzz for complete season 6 right from its spawning and its followed events including going to Loot Lake, creating runes, Floating Island and Cube monsters.

Fortnite Season 6 Kevin Cube

But as per the leaks, the Fortnite Kevin Cube journey will end soon, or it might happen in today event.

Popular Fortnite Streamer Dakotaz witnessed the event of Cube cracking and shared it on Twitter.

Fortnite Season 6 Kevin Cube Breaking Leaking


Now, the Cube has started cracking out, and the popular leaker @Siloxleaks has again shared some interesting insights into cube breaking which indicates the Kevin Cube will break into three large fragments and this event has been named as the Butterfly event

The Fornite Butterfly event will take place on November 4th (5pm GMT, 11am PT) and Epic has made an announcement that this event won’t be visible in the Playground mode


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