Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banners Names and Timings Leaked

Fortnite Season 6

In the subreddit of r/FortniteLeaks, a user has shared all the Secret Banners which will be present in the Season 6 files. Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banners visuals are looking quite cool

Secret Banners were introduced in the last season itself, while the Secret Battle Star has been added earlier to the game

Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banners

Fortnite Season 6 Secret Banners

You can unlock a new secret banner for yourself every week, and these banners can further be attached to the player’s profile

The Season 5 Banners can only be found at the respective locations. As per the leaks suggested on the subreddit of Fortnite, these secret banners are returning to the Season 6.

These files have been data mined and it has shared all the secret banners which be included in the Fortnite Season 6

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The locations of the banners have not been disclosed yet but its name, design and their appearance date has been confirmed

From Top Left to Top Right

Werewolf, Cowboy Hat, Diagonal Stripes

Gravestone, Llama DJ, Tattered