Fortnite Season 7 Update New Locations Name Details, Fortnite Season 7 Map

Official Fortnite Season 7 Update Details, Battle Pass Details, Patch Notes

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 7, all new winter themed map has been added to the game. The latest update of the game has added many new items like Wraps and planes to the game but you must be wondering, which new locations have been added for the Fortnite Season 7 Winter theme

As you can observe in the trailer of Fortnite Season 7, many icy locations have been added to the game and have given its complete details down below

Fortnite Season 7 Map

Fortnite Season 7 Update New Locations

1) Ice Berg

The Ice Berg named Biome has collided with the map’s edge and can be seen in the Fortnite Season 7 Map

Images we will add soon as the servers go live

2) Frosty Flights

A new location named Frosty Flights has been added the game, its exact location will be confirmed after the servers will go live

You can also find X-4 Sormwing Planes near this location

3) Polar Peak

Again, this is a new location for Fortnite Season 7, its images will be updated once the servers go live again

4) Happy Hamlet

Happy Hamlet is another location which can be seen in Fortnite Season 7 Trailer, but we are not sure for certain

Other than this, we will also see icy areas in many other locations of  the map, also we will see zip lines

Ziplines can be found around the Iceberg and near Expedition Outposts.

  • Latch on and zip from one end to the other.
  • Aim, fire, or use items all while conveniently travelling on Ziplines.



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