Fortnite Spoilers, Theory- Fortnite Runes Are Moving Toward Floating Island For Something Big

Fortnite runes

If you’re are not playing Fortnite from past few days or haven’t noticed the rumble going in the game, sign in the game and see what’s happening. Fortnite’s floating island has finally stopped after drifting across the map. During its course throughout the map, it has turned all the corrupted areas in a small floating rock surrounded with purple lava pits on the ground. Fortnite runes were created by the mysterious cube during the end phase of Fortnite season 5. At the beginning of the season 6, that mysterious Fortnite cube turned the middle house of loot lake into a floating island. Since then Fortnite floating island was drifting throughout the map for sake of activating the Fortnite runes. The Fortnite floating island has stopped for now but another activity has been initiated. Now, all the floating Fortnite runes begin to move and everybody is clueless what calamity will happen in Fortnite.

Fortnite Spoilers, Theory- Fortnite Runes Are Moving Toward Floating Island

Fortnite runes

It looks like all the Fortnite runes are moving toward the main root of this calamity, ‘floating island’ which was uplifted from the loot lake. It appears that they will rejoin the Kevin the cube at the floating island. But still, it is unclear what exactly happening in the world of Fortnite.

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Fortnite Spoilers, Theory

Maybe we will finally see a Volcano in Fortnite in coming weeks. There has been a lot of speculations regarding Volcano in Fortnite. Kelvin the Fortnite cube is itself growing on the floating island and all runes are also moving toward it. Before moving from their place, they created small lava pits on the corrupted areas. So, we might see them forming a huge Volcano in Fortnite after joining with the cube.

Fortnite runes

Fortnite Spoilers, Theory

It can also serve as something surprise related to the Fortnite Halloween event which is coming very soon. Fortnite is already preparing for celebrating the Halloween event with decorations all over the map, new spooky Halloween skins and many more Halloween themed cosmetics.

Whatever happens, it is clear that Epic Games have bigger plans for the Fortnite in season 6.


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