Fortnite Tournaments At TwitchCon 2018, Live Stream, Schedule, Standings And More

Fortnite Tournament at TwitchCon 2018

Twitch is returning with its annual convention for the live streaming video platform, “TwitchCon 2018” next week. A few months ago Fortnite confirmed its presence in TwitchCon 2018 and now Epic Games have released a new blog post to explain the Fortnite’s presence. Epic games will host Fortnite tournaments at TwitchCon 2018 on Friday, October 26. TwitchCon 2018 will take place inside the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in the “Fortnite Hall”. TwitchCon will also hold a Fortnite live stream on social media. So, let’s see the schedule and format of the small Fortnite tournament at TwitchCon 2018.

Fortnite Tournaments At TwitchCon 2018

Two Fortnite Tournaments will be hosted at the convention:

  • Duos competition: open to players that register online.
  • Stream-Vitational event: for 50 Fortnite creators and 50 randomly selected TwitchCon attendees.

You will able to watch Fortnite live stream on the following channels:

Fortnite Tournament At TwitchCon 2018

Apart from these tournaments, Epic Game will host a bunch of cool activities in the Fortnite hall. They will also reward Fall Skirmish club pins to the winners.

“Grab your squad! All kinds of activities await you at  Twitchcon. Land a hole-in-one at the Lazy Links mini-golf course to get a  full set of Fall Skirmish club pins!”

Source: Epic Games


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