How To Run Quickly In Fortnite Using Bunny Hopping Trick

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Apart from the killing and building skills, time managing skill is the key factor for securing a win in Fortnite. Running according to the storm is the key requirement to remain alive in the game and sometimes players curse the running speed due to lack of time. It can’t be helped as running speed can’t be altered in Fortnite. But with the recently added feature of Bunny Hopping, you can cover the map faster than usual speed. So, let’s discuss how to run quickly in Fortnite using bunny hopping.

Fortnite Trick-How To Run Quickly In Fortnite

How To Run Quickly In Fortnite

To run or basically jump quickly in Fortnite you have to gain a ‘forward momentum’ with the help of items such as Shockwave Grenades, Launch Pads, Runes, and more. Just after landing you have to jump repeatedly.

If your jumps timed correctly, you will able to cover a large distance in a short span of time and it is known as Bunny Hopping. It can be a major factor to evade the storm or beat other players.

For reference, you can watch the video from YouTuber and Redditor  MarcosGonzalezTV , who has created a detailed video on Bunny Hopping and how to execute this trick properly.

Bear one thing in mind that Epic Games has added Bunny Hop intentionally in the game so it can be removed any time in future updates.