Fortnite Update – New Double Barrel Shotgun Weapon Is Coming

double barrell shotgun Fortnite

Fortnite has become the most popular Battle Royale game in the world only because of Epic Games’ consistency. They introduce new content every week to keep players engaging in the game. From past few weeks, Epic Games is introducing new weapons in the game to alter the way of battle.

New Double Barrel Shotgun In Fortnite

Again, they are introducing a brand new Fortnite Weapon called “Double Barrel Shotgun” in the game According to the in-game Fortnite update; its descriptions read “New Epic and Legendary shotgun that can be fired twice in rapid succession,”. This is quite different than the other shotguns in the game and seems very lethal.

double barrell shotgun Fortnite

Double Barrel Shotgun will be available in two rarities: Epic and Legendary and its release in the game is not confirmed but based on previous additions in the game, I think it will be implemented next week in the game.


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