Season 6, Epic Games Fortnite Update v6.01 new skins emotes gliders cosmetics

Fortnite v6.01 update

Fortnite Season 6 update v6.01 has been released by Epic Games and you can download the update to play the latest version of the game.

As the Fortnite v6.01 update has been released, it has also added a variety of Skins, emotes, gliders, pickaxes. Data miners have not wasted much time to leak out news skins and other cosmetics which will be added to this update

Fortnite Update v6.01 



Fortnite Update v6.01 

Name: Straw Ops (Female)

Desc: The harvest grows near

Name: Hay Man (Male)

Desc: Scare. Those. Crows

Rarities: Epic

Gliders (Fortnite Update v6.01)


Fortnite Update v6.01 


Name: Dark Glyph (Dark Bomber Glider)

Desc: Indecipherable

Name: Field Wraith (Scarecrow)

Desc: Don’t just scare crows, give them nightmares


Fortnite Update v6.01 

Name: Thunder Crash (Dark Bomber)

Desc: Wield the thunder

Rarity: Epic

Name: Harvester (Scarecrow)

Desc: Reap what you sow

Rarity: Rare

BackBlings (Fortnite Update v6.01  )

Fortnite Update v6.01 

Back Blings

Name: Hay Nest (Male)

Desc: Hatch a plan

Name: Birdhovel

Desc: Keep your enemies close

Rarity: Epic

Emotes (Fortnite Update v6.01 )

Fortnite Update v6.01 


Desc: Chin up, arms straight!

Rarity: Uncommon


These are the results of the datamining, but you can expect these cosmetics to be rolled on to the game this week. In the datamined results, we can see, Halloween based back blings and Dark Bomber Pickaxe, Glider, as the Season 6 will continue forward, we can expect the darkness to rise and increase further in the game. Now the Floating Island has started to move again and it has left the place of corrupted areas, leaving there small volcanic pits and purple beam of light into the sky