Fortnite Update v6.10 will roll out tomorrow bring new tournament mode

New Fortnite Tournament Mode

Fortnite has always been a bundle of surprise under the banner of Epic Games, as their developers keep innovating something interesting and worthy to keep the players glued to this game.

Time and again, the developers of Epic games have proved their mettle by providing new and entertaining content in each of its updates.

The Epic Games have announced the release date for the Fortnite Update V6.10. The new update will pump in the all-new Tournament Mode, which will allow the players around the world to compete against each other in the tournament for special rewards.

The Fortnite Update v6.10 will be rolled out tomorrow on Tuesday, October 16th, 2018.

The patch notes for the game will available once the downtime of the game will begin at
4 AM ET (0800 GMT).

New Fortnite Tournament Mode

The list of Tournament Modes and its schedule can be found below

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo)
    • Dates: October 16 – October 21
    • Description: Participate in the first in-game tournament, spanning across several days of daily competition!
  • Beta Tournament (Duo)
    • Dates: October 23 – October 25
    • Description: Grab a friend and take on the world – until you are the last two left.
  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad)
    • Dates: October 19 – November 30
    • Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action.
  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo)
    • Dates: October 27 – October 31
    • Description: One week and three attempts to prove you’re the saltiest that Salty Springs has to offer.
  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo)
    • Dates: October 28 – November 1
    • Description: Become legends of the Tomato Temple Cup.