Epic games has released Fortnite V.3.5.1 update to fix bugs with V.3.5

Fortnite Rust Bucket

Fortnite developers have received reproval from the gaming community following the release of the 3.5v update.

The Epic games always keep releasing fresh content for its players to keep them engaged with the game and increase their love for the game. But bringing a fresh update for their players each week, leave some bugs behind it.

But the developers always keep in mind that their users should not suffer from the bugs and they try to fix them as soon as possible.

In the update 3.5, we have seen new features added to it which includes Port-a-Fort and the magnificent replay system by which can save your favourite moments

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The company has released the fix for update 3.5, with the release of the update 3.5.1 In the recent update, the company has fixed the building edit key-binds which involves G key, firing of weapons comfortably while running and animation glitch related with Guided Missile

Fortnite V.3.5.1 Update

Fortnite V.3.5.1 Update Patch Notes

It’s 3.5.1 update will address these issues within the game and with this update, the user will get no downtime

1) Binding the building edit key other than “G”

2) Fixing an animation issue where players were able to fire the weapon before equipping the weapon while running

3) Fixed crashes of the game while using the Replay System

4) Fixed animation related to improper animation when firing a guided missile during walking or sprinting

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