Fortnitemares 2018 Ghoul Trooper Skin teased by Epic Games

Fortnite Fortnitemares

Epic Games has teased a new Halloween skin with a Calamity’s hat. In terms of physical appearance, it represents a male zombie version of Calamity. This new skin will become part of the item shop for Fortnitemares this year.

Fortnite on their official Twitter handle has shared an official statement mentioning

Fortnitemares 2018 Ghoul Trooper Skin

Fortnitemares 2018 Ghoul Trooper Skin

Costumes and dancing, Partner up, be wise. They could be friendly, Or a ghoul in disguise. #Fortnitemares”

Now if you follow the lines closely, the lines mentioned Ghoul in disguise, which hints some kind of mysterious power related to Ghoul kind abilities. It will be interesting to see, what kind of features will be given to this upcoming skin for Fortnitemares 2018. This also hints the return of Ghoul Trooper in the upcoming week.

Fortnitemares 2018 exact start date and schedule has not been shared yet by the Epic games, but Halloween related items are popping in the item shop more often now, as currently, we have Jack Gourdon and Sanctum in the Item Shop

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