Forza Racing Championship 2018 will kick off in April. The races of the championship will take place in the beautiful world of Forza Motorsport 7 features with more than 700 of cars, 60 FPS and native 4K resolution on Xbox X One. The drivers will compete in the championship for the pool prize of $250,000 which is largest up to date.

As per a report on 24th March Microsoft and Turn 10 studios will host a preseason invitational event of the FCR 18. They have invited some best drivers from all around the world to compete in races.

After the pre-seasonal invitation by IMSA, the regular season will kick-off from April 2. The regular season will split into two series, each will consist seven weeks of ranked events which will end with a live playoff event of prize pool $75,000. At the very end of two series, top 24 drivers will be competing in the Forza Racing Championship 2018 for the prize pool of $100,000 and title. Here is the calendar of the whole event :

  • Series 1: April 2 – May 23
  • Series 1 Playoffs: June 16 – 17, live in Seattle
  • Series 2: July 9 – August 29
  • Series 2 Playoffs: September 29 – 30, live in Mexico City
  • World Championship: October 2018 (final date TBA), live in London

Registering for the championship is absolutely free but you should have an Xbox One and  Xbox One Gold copy of the Forza Motorsport 7. Your age should be above 16 yrs and you have to make Gfinity account if haven’t and connect it to your Xbox Live account for the registration.