Frustrated by Fortnite update, CouRage, Ninja, Marcel, & TimTheTatman played UNO together


Fortnite has topped all the gaming charts in the year 2018, but the recent v8.20 update of the game has frustrated the Fortnite community. The latest update has introduced a new Ranked mode and change of rules in normal lobbies which have not been accepted fairly by the community.

In his recent Tweet, Ninja showed his dejection regarding the game by saying “Squads are so dumb and boring now.”

Even other Fortnite pro players are upset with the update v8.20, and they want Epic Games to revert it back.

However, Epic will surely not revert the update, but they always listen to the player’s feedback and make the required changes accordingly.

One way to make Epic Games realize their discontent with the latest update, pro played the UNO game instead of streaming Fortnite.


CouRage, Ninja, Marcel, and TimTheTatman played the UNO game together to show their dissatisfaction with the latest update.

Their UNO stream was equally hilarious and entertaining, featuring a lot of money, exchange and swearing.

Initially, Tim kept winning the games and then changes to the rules were made.

As the games stretched over the midnight to early morning hours, the players tweeted it was difficult to even look at their bank accounts in the morning.

You can watch the complete video on YouTube channel of TimTheTatman