Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features most powerful display ever: DisplayMate

Note 9 to launch In India Today
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features most powerful display ever: DisplayMate

The Korean manufacturer Samsung recently launched the galaxy note 9. The smartphone is upgraded with a lot of internal features, thought the design is similar to the last year’s Note 8. Samsung is the leading manufacturer of the Displays in the industry and with the Galaxy Noye 9, the company has used the most powerful display ever in a smartphone.

The renowned display screen test website DisplayMate has claimed that the Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with the most powerful display breaking the records once again. Talking about the display of Note 9 features a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display with a QuadHD resolution.

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Galaxy Note 9 features most powerful display ever

DisplayMate mentioned that Note9 is the world’s first OLED phone to reach 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut, while breaking the record of Galaxy S9 0.7JNCD in colour, reaching 0.5. The maximum brightness of Samsung Note9 can reach 710Nits, which is 27% higher than its predecessor Note 8.

Breaking a total of 11 records of the site the Galaxy Note 9 became the world’s No 1 in terms of display quality. Here is what the website said:

The Galaxy Note 9 is the most innovative and high-performance Smartphone display that we have ever Lab tested, breaking and establishing many new Display Performance Records that are listed above. The Galaxy Note 9 delivers uniformly consistent all-around Top Tier Display Performance and receives All Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in All of the DisplayMate Lab Test and Measurement Categories – only the second display we have ever tested to get All Green in All Categories – the Galaxy S9 was the first. The level of display performance and excellence has been increasing each year, and the Galaxy Note 9 has now raised the bar significantly higher.

Galaxy Note 9 features most powerful display ever

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Specifications :


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